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I am a lecturer at the University of Southampton. Though, I am originally from Germany, I have spent a lot of time in many other places, from South Africa to Norway. I am very interested in the oceans and the planet and people. I chose to become a fish and fisheries scientist, because I am interested in how humans and the environment interact, how we can feed a growing population, yet preserve the oceans. I like that it's innately interdisciplinary and touches nearly all people, even if it's just at the frozen foods section at the supermarket. I started working on how climate change affects fish and fisheries, because climate change is obviously the biggest challenge my generation faces; how do we mitigate climate change, adapt to changes that are happening, still feed our children in a healthy way? I work mostly with early life stages of fish, because they are the most affected and often at the crux of the issue, plus they are beautiful and great to work with ;-) I get involved with the policy side of work and the public outreach, because I strongly believe that science is only worth anything if it reaches the right people and is used in the best possible way to improve people's life and the state of the environment.

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Ecology of Early Life Stages of Temperate Fish


GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research & Kiel University, Germany

Dr. rer. nat. (Fish and Fisheries Biology)

Climate Change Effects on (Temperate, Commercial) Fish Species

Marine Socio - Ecological Systems


GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research & Kiel University, Germany

Master of Science (Biological Oceanography)


University of St Andrews, Scotland

Bachelor of Science

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